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Identify your cyber security weak spots before your attackers do


You can’t rectify problems you aren’t aware of - but you can take proactive action.


The impact of a cyber attack can be devastating and can potentially close a business. But what if you could spot the weaknesses your potential attackers were going to exploit - before they happen?


That’s where a vulnerability assessment comes in. It not only does what it says - it’s what your customers increasingly expect you to have in place.


Ascentor can work with you to build and manage a tailored scanning solution as part of your cyber attack resilience strategy.




How long could your business last after an attack?


23% of SMEs say they couldn’t survive for more than a month if unable to trade following a cyber attack (source: Gallagher Insurance cyber report).


Of those businesses suffering an attack in the past year, the 2021 Cyber Security Breaches Survey found the average cost for medium and large firms was £13,400.

Perhaps the biggest costs are experienced long-term. 41% of UK consumers claim they will never return to a business after a data breach (Source: PCI Pal research).

Organisations unaware of where their risks lie are therefore particularly vulnerable. Which is precisely where a vulnerability assessment can help – giving you valuable knowledge, assurance and saving time in the process.


How Ascentor can help

Ascentors structured analysis-based approach identifies vulnerabilities, and guides you towards improving your cyber security defences.

Weve specialised in independent information and cyber security consultancy since 2004. The advice we give will help you to protect your information and strengthen your business for the future.

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